2k14 : The Game

2k14: The Game is a personal pet project, not a commercial venture

I’m developing and documenting this project purely for fun, and to hopefully learn something new along the way. As such, I don’t feel the urge to sollicit donations. Maybe one day 2k14: The Game will be ‘done’ to the point it can be released on the iOS App Store and hopefully sell some copies, but it’s not my primary (or even secondary) motivation to make a lot of money from the game.

That said, a little recognition never hurts to keep you going, so if you enjoy following this blog and want to return a small favor, you could consider buying my previous game Snipes! from the iOS App Store (iPhone and iPad only), leave a nice review there, and/or promote the game or this blog using the share buttons at the bottom of each page. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line via email or Twitter (@2k14thegame) either.