2k14 : The Game

On hold

20 Oct 2016

I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick status update after a long period of silence. I’ve spent a little bit of time rewriting the gameplay event handling to use a stream-based/reactive approach using rxLua, a partial implementation of the ReactiveX (RX) API in Lua. I will hopefully get around to writing a little bit more about reactive programming, and RX in particular, but as of yet all of this is experimental and barely working in the context of 2k14: The Game. I still consider myself pretty much a n00b on this topic, so I don’t feel confident writing up my thoughts about the suitability of reactive programming in the context of modeling gameplay logic ;-).

The sad news right now is that I’ve decided to temporarily suspend work on 2k14: The Game. I’ve spent so little time working on the game over the last few months that progress has grinded to a halt, and I don’t think I will spend a lot more in the near future, choosing to allocate my relatively sparse amount of spare time to pursue other interests. I’m pretty sure I will pick up 2k14: The Game at some point in the future though, if only as a vehicle to experiment with new technologies in the context of game programming (such as RX). There’s just too many interesting topics to learn about, to only focus on a single project, which means 2k14: The Game will have to take a back seat for a while.